The reason behind the name…

The reason behind the name…

One of my favourite things to do is to go onto Instagram and look through the home accounts for inspiration. I love how diverse people’s homes are and the different styles people have.

With my love of Instagram home accounts came the idea to start my own account. The issue was finding a name because every name that I liked and summed me up was already taken. I didn’t want to add numbers, full stops, hyphens or xo’s to take away from the meaning of the name or to change it slightly so that it was different to others. It has literally taken months to try and choose a name that reflected me as a person.

Myfibrohome sums me up perfectly. It’s a place where I can share all things homely but also a place where I can share my experiences of living with fibromyalgia too in the hope that I can help someone. I hope that you will stick around. This is a new journey but one that I’m really looking forward to.




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