One simple way you can earn cashback on your everyday shopping.

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Some of you may know that this month I am changing my work pattern to part time. When I worked full time I worked over a 60 hour week which meant a lot of stress and fibro flare up’s. This has meant I have researched into being more money smart and different ways to make money. I’ve always been good with money but was always dubious of things I had heard about online. I didn’t think it was possible to earn cashback on everyday shopping. 

A few months back a friend introduced me to Topcashback. This is a website that you register for and when shopping online simply login to see if the site you are purchasing from works with Topcashback to offer cashback. You will see the percentage that they pay on each transaction and a lot of the time you get a bonus if it is the first time you have used that retailer. 

To use it is very simple. All you need to do is login to your Topcashback account and search for where you are going to do your shopping. Here are some examples of shops I have used it with:

  • house insurance (
  • car insurance (LV, Admiral,
  • grocery shopping (Sainsbury’s, Wilko, Groupon and Tesco)
  • takeaway (JustEat)
  • clothes shopping (Matalan, ASOS, George at Asda and eBay)
  • health and beauty (Beauty Pie, and Superdrug)
  • changing utility provider 
  • travel (Expedia)

These are just a handful of the things you can use it for. If you click the square below you can register and start earning cashback yourself. I recently withdrew £28.83 from Topcashback which I’m sure you’d agree is brilliant for just doing your normal shopping onlin

For each retailer, Topcashback has terms and conditions which are straight forward and worth reading before clicking through to the retailer. 

From holidays to surveys and insurance to gifts. Topcashback works with so many different retailer’s I’m sure there is something for everyone. I’m sure that you’ll be impressed with all of the different retailers on Topcashback’s website. I’d love to know if you sign up and much cashback you get. It’s the perfect time to start earning cashback to put towards Christmas! 

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