Lactose intolerant? This could change your life!

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It was around 2 and a half years ago now when I started to cut things out of my diet. I had severe IBS and was so poorly. My doctor compared the pain that I was experiencing to contractions. I knew that something had to change to started to research diet and IBS.  

One thing that I didn’t know was flaring up my IBS was being lactose intolerant. On a quest to try and find out what flared up my IBS symptoms I cut out near enough everything from my diet an started a diet specifically for IBS called the low FODMAP diet (another blog post to come on this).

It was almost by accident that I stumbled upon Holland and Barratt shopping one day with my mum and was looking at the supplements when I came across the Super Lactase Enzyme tablets. I asked the lady in the store if she could explain more to these about me as I was interested to find out as I was lactose intolerant. She explained that her allergy to lactose was so severe her windpipe would swell if she had any lactase. I was amazed to learn that she said these tablets enabled her to have milk products without any symptoms. 

They were included in the sale offer and so I got two bottles of the tablets. There are 60 tablets in each bottle. Here is the link to them below:

Super Lactase Enzyme Tablets. 

218 reviews of the tablets and a rating of 4.6! I have known them to be out of stock before!

There was a Costa opposite the Holland and Barratt shop. I used to love having yoghurts, milk with cereal, ice cream, cheese, hot drinks – all of the things that included milk! I’d tried milk alternatives but they weren’t the same. The proof of the pudding? I had my first hot chocolate from Costa in 6 months with no symptoms… it was a miracle!

I swear by these tablets and take a tub of them everywhere I go in my handbag. If I go out for a meal and have something with cheese in – I can have it. If I go out for a meal and have a desert with cream/ice cream – I can have it. 

These tablets have literally changed my life!

How to use the lactase tablets.

Taken from the packaging on the tablets:

‘For people with lactose intolerance whether eating at home or eating out. Take one softgel capsule just before eating a meal, food, or a drink that contains lactose. Also, take one softgel tablet with medication or vitamins that contain lactose. Super Lactase should be taken internally and not be added directly to milk or other dairy products.’

‘Lactase is a digestive enzyme that helps break down the sugar in milk and dairy products. Milk and dairy products are important sources of calcium. Lactase enzyme improves lactose digestion in individuals who have difficulty digesting lactose. Tolerance to lactose is variable and advice should be sought as to the role of this substance in the diet.’Last piece of advice…

Last piece of advice about the lactase tablets.

Always check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any new supplement. My lactose intolerance wasn’t as extreme as some people I know. Always try the tablets with something small first – I went in head first having a hot chocolate from the advice that I sought at the time. I just find them very handy if I’m out to have lactose with a meal. The amount of times I said I was lactose intolerant and food was still bought to me with milk products in was unreal. These tablets have saved the fuss of having to send food back as I can just have one before I eat. 

I know that I cannot tolerate more than one lactose product in a day food wise using the tablets. I can however tolerate more than one drink containing lactose each day using the tablets. Everyone is different and you need to find your own tolerance levels if the tablets work for you.

If you buy the tablets (which are included in a buy one get the second half price sale at the minute) then I’d love to know what you think of them. 

P.S – if you do find they work then it is a good idea to sign up for the H&B reward card scheme as you get money off vouchers that I have then put towards more tablets! Win win!

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