4 Reasons Why I Chose to Keep My Blog Anonymous

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From the outset of making myfibrohome, I knew that I wanted to keep it anonymous. To me, it made perfect sense but in a recent question I put up on Instagram someone asked why I had made it anonymous. Myfibrohome turned one in May and so I thought it would be useful to write a blog post to explain why.

1) Work.

You know when you apply for jobs, there’s always that box that says do you have a disability? Well, just over 3 years ago now, I was advised as my fibro had got worse to say yes I did have a disability. I applied to 4 different jobs and on each application form I stated that I classed myself as having a disability.

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I got one interview, which went amazingly well and when I didn’t get the job I was a little confused as it couldn’t have gone any better. I rang to ask for feedback and you could tell that they were clutching at straws to find a reason why.

From the other 3 positions, I only got two other interviews. The second interview again, went really well and the feedback was very picky once again.

My manager at the time was a little concerned that I wasn’t getting a job as quickly as she thought I would. She asked if I wanted her to check over my application form and letter. When she did, she asked why I had said that I have a disability. I told her that I’d been advised to say that I had as fibro had recently been classed as a disability in Ireland.

She said she thought it was holding me back. I’d been invited for another interview later on in the week and so my manager told me from the outset to clarify in the interview why I had put that I have got a disability and explain how fibro affected me.

On the interview day, I did just that. They said that they had wanted to ask but legally an employer is not supposed to. A few hours later, I received a phone call offering me the position. I’m still at that same job now!

Although my current employer knows and understands my fibro, I didn’t want them to be reading captions, stories or blog posts where I’m brutally honest about things which could in turn come back to bite me. I didn’t want my views or opinions to ever be taken out of context. At work I represent my employer but the opinions that myfibrohome gives are those of myfibrohome and not a reflection on anyone else.

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2) Transparency.

With no face to myfibrohome and no name I feel like I can be more open and more transparent which I feel benefits people like you who read my blog more. I feel that I can talk more freely which leads me onto the next reason.

3) Judgement.

I know it almost sound silly to be writing this as throughout my fibro journey I’ve come to care far less of what other people think. If there was a face to myfibrohome or a name I think it would be more open to people judging the opinions that I give.

Judgement is something that anyone with a chronic illness will face on a daily basis. People see that you can do something one day and expect you to be able to do it the next as you don’t look any different on the outside. They see you out and presume you’re fine yet they don’t see how much effort it’s taken for you to get out or how you’ll pay for it later.

People may still judge myfibrohome and I’m ok with that. Every person with a chronic illness is fighting a different battle and at a different point in their journey.

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4) Privacy.

If you look at myfibrohome’s social media pages, you will see that I post photographs of my home as I have a love of interiors. This is another reason why I chose to keep the blog private to ensure that I had some privacy. I know other home accounts who have not taken their privacy seriously and had their homes broken into.

I hope it now makes a little more sense why I chose to keep myfibrohome anonymous.

As always leave any comments on what you’d like to see coming up on the blog 🙂 thanks for reading!

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